Sido Dekker Atelier & Media was founded by Sido after finishing his studies in Graphic Design in 2015. It is a design studio that combines assignments with art and contemporary crafts like programming and innovative print. Inspiration is usually found by taking an interest in art or by speaking with artists and curators. Sido stands out with a direct and personal approach and a convincing strong visual language.

Sido Dekker Atelier & Media is now located in the city center of Arnhem, after one year having gratefully used a studio of art collective Locatie Spatie in Arnhem Presikhaaf.

The past few years, projects of a varying nature have been realised. From many custom programmed websites containing for instance a livestream, to high-end dynamic portfolio websites using WordPress.

Every project produces a lot of knowledge, that can push the next project even higher. The experience of all projects and assignments that have been completed strengthen the ones that are yet to be realised.

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Sido Dekker Atelier & Media
Bergstraat 35
6811 LC Arnhem
The Netherlands

T: (+31) 6 588 326 98
E: info [at] sidographics [dot] com