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A WordPress Website

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a so called Content Management System, CMS in short. It’s invisible for your website’s visitors. It is software that operates in the background of your website, helping you to oversee all the information and content. Thanks to WordPress, your website becomes accessible for you and you can upload content yourself.

Open Source

WordPress is open source! This means that everybody can download, edit and use the software. Also, WordPress is being maintained by it’s users. Programmers from over the whole world are working together on a voluntary basis to help make WordPress better and more secure!


Using WordPress it’s really easy and fast to add new images or texts, or to even add, change or delete a whole page.

Already using WordPress?

Cool! WordPress is very handy. But you always have to update your website properly and frequently. That’s why I provide services to get the most out of your WordPress website. Do you want your website to be up to date at all times? Get the package that suits your personal needs.