Art Chapel

Art Chapel was an exhibition space in the former Saint Nicholas Chapel in Amsterdam Zuid. Together with curators Maarten Bertheux and his daughter Vera Bertheux a series of four well visited exhibitions were made in 2017.

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De Nieuwe Oost

De Nieuwe Oost is a platform for culture and literature in the area of Arnhem and Nijmegen. Among other activities, they contributed on setting up the Creative Writing department of ArtEZ University of the Arts. Annually De Nieuwe Oost organises a literary festival called Post-Truth Fiction and it was for this festival that in collaboration with Corine van der Wal, a website was developed that informed everybody on the festival and it’s guest lecturers.

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Van Gogh Museum

Assigned by the Van Gogh Museum and in coöperation with artist-duo Frank & Michiel, a peculiar project called The Art Lovers was realised in the red light district of Amsterdam. The aim was to support the running exhibition Easy Virtue that was on display in the Van Gogh Museum at that time. Frank & Michiel interviewed young artists and designers, while sitting together in a bed behind a window, on how they were selling themselves in the art world to get around. The interviews were recorded with a webcam and broadcasted live on The Art Lovers’ website. The project created a lot of fuzz among passing tourists.

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Thelma de Lang

In 2016 Thelma de Lang graduated in Design & Education from ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem. Her thesis on Change of Perspectives shows many typographic interventions: Titles, subtitles, footnotes, captions, quotes and interviews. This makes up for an interspersed piece of text in a compact, economically structured booklet containing outspoken spot colours.

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RUIS is an organisation that helps newly graduated artists and designers in the area to connect with one another and supports them to develop their own work to a higher level. Fenne Saedt who is the founder and director, passionately brings people together and coaches them to get the most out of themselves. RUIS has a humble exhibition space in the city center of Nijmegen, where the innovative new steps of these young artists can be exhibited.

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Motel Spatie Website

Motel Spatie is an organisation that is supporting artists nationally and internationally to create contemporary art. This manifests itself in an international Artist in Residence Programme, an exhibition space, international cuisine events and numerous other projects. In a very close partnership spanning over more than a year, not only the website was redesigned, but also many posters, flyers, invitations, promotional bags, stickers and other stuff were designed and printed. Consistency in typography and use of colours wraps the enormous collection of publications together.

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Mister Motley

Mister Motley is an online art magazine. For a series of publications titled Tendensen (Movements) a very economic publication-format was developed. By making sure to fit four essays on one piece of paper, every text having it’s own reading direction and printing everything in one color, an interesting playful pamflet emerged.


Leendert van der Meer

In 2017 Leendert van der Meer graduated in Photography from the Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam. His work is very analytic. He uses the camera as a way to register and study human behaviour. His thesis contained an essay titled On Camera Situationism as well as his photographic images and film stills. After his graduation his book was developed even further and it will soon be published.

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Deltatune is a musician who uses analogue synthesizers and panels to create new sounds. His live shows, for which he teams up with Gammaray who uses analogue synthesizers to generate abstract images, feel like art performances.

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What started out with the graduation catalogue of the Teachers Department of ArtEZ University of the Arts Arnhem in 2016 quickly grew to a rich partnership. Various posters, flyers and other documents were designed with a certain uniformity that has given the Department it's own clear signature that is still being developed further.

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